Frequently Asked Questions

Program Qualifications:

  • Dealer must demonstrate commitment to the Falken brand by placing a minimum order of 24 qualifying tires. (FANATIC will accept proof of purchases up to 30-days prior to enrollment)

  • Dealer must sign & complete a 1-year Falken FANATIC Associate Dealer Agreement; a Dealer Enrollment Application & W9 tax form.

  • Dealers who are authorized to purchase Falken products direct from FTC; or are owned and / or operated by a company authorized to purchase direct from FTC are ineligible to participate in the FANATIC Program.

  • Dealer must agree to display a minimum of three Falken PLT marketing lines in each of their locations.

  • Dealer must project a high quality retail image with a proven history of premium tire sales.

  • Dealer should have a clean, professional showroom & service area.

  • Sales and service staff must convey a professional image.

  • Dealer must agree to accept and process Falken PLT warranty claims.

  • Frequently asked Questions   

How do I request a Primary Distributor change & what are the requirements?

FANATIC Dealers can request a Primary Distributor change (1) time in a calendar year. Dealer must complete a FANATIC Distributor Change Request Form, a NEW FANATIC Dealer Agreement, & a NEW Dealer Enrollment Application. No NEW W9 Tax Form or opening order required. An agent of the NEW FANATIC Distributor will submit this paperwork to FANATIC Headquarters for review. IF the reason for change is deemed valid, the existing Primary Distributor is notified and has 30-days to rectify any & all issues with the Dealer. FANATIC Headquarters will contact the Dealer after 30-days to confirm Dealer still wants to change, and if so desired the change will be granted. (During the 30-day period purchases from BOTH FANATIC Distributors will count as Primary.)

What if my Primary FANATIC Distributor is “out of inventory,” can I purchase Falken tires from another Distributor & still earn Cash Rewards?

Yes, FANATIC Dealers may purchase up to 20% of their total Falken units each quarter from any other FANATIC Distributor & still earn Cash Rewards on every tire. No additional paperwork is necessary. Dealer simply provides their FANATIC account number to any FANATIC Distributor & requests the Distributor report their purchases. Purchases that exceed 20% will not earn Cash Rewards. FANATIC is a loyalty program & this benefit is designed to prevent penalizing a Dealer when their Primary is temporarily out of stock & not intended to spread the business around to multiple Distributors.

I own multiple stores, am I required to enroll all of them in order to participate?

Yes, Dealers with more than one retail PLT store are required to enroll all their locations for participation. FANATIC will however, calculate Cash Rewards payment for these owners in two ways; stand alone & collectively. (total units purchased divided by number of locations) FANATIC always pays the greater of these two amounts. Dealer locations that are primarily commercial may be exempted from participation.

What are Cash Rewards & How do I earn them?

Cash Rewards are earned for achieving one of three levels of purchasing performance each quarter. Dealers earn FAN level payouts for purchasing as few as 100 units; FAN+ level pay-outs for a minimum of 250 units; & FANATIC level for purchasing 400+ units. FANATIC pays progressively higher at each level of achievement. Cash Rewards vary by marketing line and are likely to change (go higher) each quarter based on specific quarterly promotions.

Can FANATIC Dealers “make-up” units required for Cash Rewards throughout the year?

No. FANATIC is a true quarterly program that starts & stops each quarter. Falken believes a quarterly format benefits our FANATIC Distributors by creating “sales leverage” four times a year to ensure FANATIC Dealers reach their purchasing goals and do not miss Cash Rewards opportunity. FANATIC Dealers benefit because current benefits & future participation is not predicated on an annual commitment.

What are FANATIC Marketing Points & How do I redeem them?

FANATIC Marketing Points are earned each quarter in addition to Cash Rewards. Marketing Points are awarded based on a Dealer’s level of achievement for the quarter. (FAN earns 500 points; FAN+ earns 1,000 points; FANATIC earns 6,000 points) FANATIC Marketing Points can be redeemed for a variety of great Falken items including HPI remote controlled cars: indoor clocks & illuminated signs; polos, jackets & hats; tire stackers, pennants, etc. Dealers can redeem their points by submitting a FANATIC POS Order Form to Marketing Points are capped @ 48,000, banked & never expire.

What are FANATIC Milestones & how do I achieve them?

Unlike Cash Rewards & Marketing Points, FANATIC Milestone benefits are earned “whenever” a FANATIC Dealer achieves the Milestone & are not restricted by “quarterly” performance. FANATIC Dealers are rewarded for their loyalty as they attain (3) levels of purchasing history. First Milestone is 24 units. (Representing the Dealers opening order) FANATIC recognizes this early milestone by placing the Dealer on our Dealer Locator & shipping them a FANATIC welcome kit consisting of all the items necessary to promote Falken in their store(s). Milestone #2 is recognized at 1,000 units. This milestone earns the Dealer Express Ship benefits and the option to purchase up to (4) Falken PLT tires at special FANATIC Marketing Partner Pricing. At 1,600 units a Dealer can order (4) Free Falken PLT tires….any marketing line….any size! Free & reduced priced Falken tires are limited to (4) per Dealer per year.

Will Falken ever cancel my Dealer(s) from participating in the FANATIC Program?

FANATIC believes our FANATIC Distributors know more about their Dealer’s purchasing potential than we ever will! So, given our program is quarterly, Headquarters will not cancel a FANATIC Dealer based on performance. However, we do ask that our Distributors “purge” consistently poor performing Dealers on their own to ensure the credibility of our Dealer Locator. Because FANATIC typically pays some of the most aggressive Cash Rewards in the industry, Headquarters has a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy for Dealers caught wholesaling. With occasional payouts of up to $21 per tire, retailers on the program that are tempted to wholesale could potentially be disruptive to Falken’s network of wholesale distributors. Proof of wholesaling ANY brand of PLT tires by a FANATIC Dealer will result in immediate cancellation.

How do I get paid & when?

Cash Rewards are calculated & dispersed either by check or via ACH direct deposit 30 days after the close of each quarter. FANATIC Distributors are required to report FANATIC purchases no later than 15 business days after the close of a quarter. Occasionally, delay in payment can occur due to unforeseen issues with Distributor reporting. (Faulty EDI transmissions, inadvertent Dealer omissions, or simply one or more Distributors missing the deadline.) FANATIC requires all participating Distributors to report before payment is issued to ensure accurate payouts. (Secondary Distributor purchase calculations, etc.)

How do I know if I’ve earned Marketing Points & how do I check my balance?

Once Cash Rewards are calculated & dispersed; Dealers receive a “Congratulations” e-mail from FANATIC Headquarters letting them know what level of performance they achieved during the previous quarter and how many points have been deposited in their account. Dealers can check their Marketing Points balance by e-mailing Soon, Marketing Points bank balances will be visible on the FANATIC Dealer Dashboard.

How will I know when I achieve a FANATIC Milestone & how do I receive my NEW benefits?

Dealers who achieve Milestones receive a “Congratulations e-mail from FANATIC Headquarters detailing all the great benefits they’ve now earned, how to redeem them and a sincere thank-you message for their loyalty! Dealers who reach the 1,000 unit Milestone & wish to purchase up to (4) Falken tires at special pricing can e-mail for a quote. Should they choose to complete the purchase, we will accept a credit card payment over the phone and ship their order to their door. (freight prepaid) 1,000 unit Milestone achievers also can request up to (4) tires at a time via Express Ship for the remainder of the calendar year. (Dealers who achieve this Milestone in Q4 will have this benefit for the entire following calendar year) Dealers must continue to purchase a minimum of 1,000 units a year to enjoy Express Ship Benefits. Dealers who achieve the 1,600 unit Milestone can e-mail with an order of up to (4) Falken tires of their choice and we will ship them free of charge directly to their door. (Freight prepaid)

What is the Dealer Dashboard & how do I gain access?

The Dealer Dashboard is a great tool that allows you to view "real-time" purchasing progress. Use this tool to ensure you maximize Cash Reward opportunity by reaching your Quarterly purchasing goals. The Dealer Dashboard  consists of three gauges; the first displays year-to-date units purchased; the center gauge measures units purchased quarter-to-date and reveals how much Cash you have already earned for the quarter; the gauge on the right is variable & allows you to see your past purchase history; by year, by quarter, by marketing line.  Access to the Dealer Dashboard requires a Username & Password. FANATIC Headquarters issues access to Dealers via e-mail when their Primary Distributor reports FANATIC purchases daily via electronic transfer. Primaries who wait until quarter’s close to report FANATIC purchases render the Dashboard useless as the needle will show 0 throughout the quarter. Also, access is available to FANATIC Distributor’s sales staff as well as Falken Account Managers.

* The log-in page to the Dealer Dashboard can be accessed via the FANATIC performance tab @

Where can I view items available for Marketing Points redemption?

Visit and click on “FANATIC Gear” to see images & descriptions of all the great Falken branded merchandise available for Marketing Points redemption.

Does FANATIC “pro-rate” participation for new enrollees & how is it calculated?

Yes. New enrollments are pro-rated based on the date the Dealer Participation Agreement was signed. We simply determine the number of days in any given quarter & calculate minimum units required for payment based on the percentage of the quarter remaining. Every new FANATIC Dealer receives a welcome e-mail from Headquarters clearly stating how many units he/she must buy to achieve FAN, FAN+ or FANATIC status for the initial quarter.

What criteria does FANATIC use when considering a Distributor Change Request?

Dealers who have a legitimate service related issue with their exitsing Primary Distributor that can be improved or rectified by another FANATIC Distributor is valid reason for requesting a switch. For example: “My current Distributor use to deliver to me three times a week, and now they only deliver to me once a week; Distributor B still delivers to my area three times a week; can I make a change?” FANATIC is a loyalty program & is never about the acquisition cost of Falken product; therefore price discrepancies will not be considered a valid reason for change.

I am a FANATIC Distributor & have my own retail stores; why can’t I enroll the stores I own on FANATIC?

FANATIC is an associate dealer program designed to reward an independent retailer’s loyalty to a Falken wholesale distributor. Customers who have a direct relationship with Falken are already rewarded for their performance through other programs such as a 20% administrative credit, (if participating in FANATIC) volume bonus, dealer support funds, etc.

Can Car Dealers participate in the FANATIC Associate Dealer Program?

Yes. FANATIC recognizes automobile dealerships as a viable venue for the retail sale of passenger & light truck tires. We welcome their participation in the program.