Online Training

We, at Falken, realize that in order to sell our products, you need to understand them and how they are positioned in the marketplace.  Our online training program is designed to inform you about the Falken Tire line of products.  From our race-proven all terrain WildPeak tires to our Azenis ultra high performance line of products, we have a tire that will fulfill a consumer’s needs.  Training will focus on many of the features and benefits that each tire has to offer, as well as the advanced technology we have incorporated into our lines.  Along with a deep understanding of our tires, we will also provide you with the sales tools to ensure your customer’s needs are met with our products.

With this level of training, you will become the “go-to salesman” for Falken Products at your location!  You will invoke confidence as a sales professional within your staff as well as instilling confidence with the end consumer at your location.  These positive sales experiences will create strong loyalty to your location and the Falken Brand.

For more information, follow the link provided on this page and accelerate your understanding of Falken products.  Some portions of the training will require login credentials.